Fountains of Wayne – ‘Sky Full of Holes’: A Review

August 16, 2011

Fountains of Wayne - Sky Full of HolesFountains of Wayne – ‘Sky Full of Holes’

“Acela” is a pretty good acoustic rocker. The acoustic/electric combination when done well sounds good, and this is an example of a good song done this way. I admit “Stacey’s Mom” is a good song, but is a limited example — as is any hit of what a band is all about. The acoustic beginning transitioning into Rock sound of  ”Action Hero”, although so so lyrically, sounds great musically. “Cemetery Guns” has more acoustic guitars on the introduction and military sounding drums, creating a different and interesting sound.

“Cold Comfort Flowers” is acoustic and piano orientated and sure sounds different than the other songs. I give Fountains of Wayne a lot of credit for the variety on this release. The song is almost over before the electric guitar comes in and it finishes with a nice piano melody. “Radio Bar” is yet another acoustic rocker with horn ambience thrown in for good measure, and different yet than the other songs. “A Dip in the Ocean” is a catchy straightforward rock song. I like the slow it down sound of “Firelight Waltz”, showing somebody still has an old fashioned love song capability.

“Hate to See You Like This” is another slower song and a pretty good caring song. I find the variety here excellent. “Richie and Ruben” is a mid-tempo song further showcasing variety. “A Road Song” has a country flavor that works surprisingly good. “Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart” is an excellent acoustic rocker featuring quite a snappy feel. “The Summer Place” is another acoustic rocker and also a pretty good song. There really is nothing bad here. “Workingman’s Hands” has a slower country flavor and a nice finish. Give the variety here a listen. I give this a four star rating. Fountains of Wayne is: Chris Collingwood (lead vocal/rhythm guitar), Adam Schlesinger (bass/keyboards/backing vocals), Jody Porter (lead guitar/backing vocals), and Brian Young (drums).

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