Rich McCready – ‘Ride On’: A Review

August 18, 2011

Rich McCready - Ride OnRich McCready’s Ride On is my pick for obscure Country release of the year. Seeing him at the County Fair in Crawford County, Kansas a few years ago was a good time. This is feel good drinking music on a weekend. Hailing from Seneca, Missouri and never really hitting the big time, McCreaady is the true working man’s Country artist. Available on Rhapsody and a few other places, it’s a shame a wider release isn’t possible. If you can hear this, go for it.

The song I liked instantly is “Speed of a Neon Light”. This is as good as anything on mainstream Country radio. A great example of how good McCready really is. “I Know” is a great boulevard stomping, looking for you song. “Beer Whiskey Women Wine and Weed” are getting the best of McCready and to some extent all of us. I like this beer party in the background feel.”That’s Where You Take Me To” is an excellent example of “as good as Nashville” McCready is capable of.

“Once Upon a Honkey Tonk Time” is one of my favorites here. The sheer underrated ability shines here. “Ride on Rodeo Cowboy” is a really good testament to the grind it out rodeo cowboy. “Sweet Water Bridge” has a retro how it used to be sentimental feel to it. “Around Here” is the I am here for the long hall small town classic as good as any other. “I’m Not Looking Back” is a great moving on song. Moving on like it or not is just going to happen.

“If God Wrote a Country Song” is a really fine feel good if only song. “A Good Country Song” is here and shows McCready in fine form. Thank you from a working man. Hope to see you soon! In any era someone is going to be left behind. In many cases they are just as good as the hit makers. This is no exception. Thank you Rich for a fine performance. Four and a half stars.

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