Jeff Bridges’ New Self-Titled Release: A Review

August 25, 2011

Jeff Bridges releases Jeff BridgesAlthough Jeff Bridges’ new self titled release is a strong release for the here and now in importance, the reality is not so good in the must have department. I had ┬áreservations going into this. If actors do releases, they get judged by artists of genre. This falls far short. The singing is okay, but not strong. The songs are okay, but not spectacular. This is an example of okay going in but losing grip over multiple listenings. I will not call it terrible, it is just more accurate to say not very good.

“Blue Car” is a really good example of the so so content on here. “Either Way” is slow and boring. Funkier and faster would help this one to be better. “Everything But Love” is an decent song and one of the best songs. “Falling Short” really does like the song title suggests, as do most of the songs on this release. “Maybe I Missed the Point” has a pretty good beat and is another of the better songs. “Nothing Yet” is an okay son and is better that some of the other ones.

“The Quest” is a decent acoustic song that works well. “Slow Boat” is slow and kind of boring. This should have been sped up to benefit it immensely. “Tumbling Vine” was one of the least compelling ones in my opinion. “What a Little Bit of Love Can Do” is the best song on here and a really good effort. If you hear any of this, start there. Three stars is what I give this effort.

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