Opportunities Abound for Christian Bale

August 25, 2011

Christian BaleChristian Bale made his film debut in the television movie Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna (1986), in which he played the role of Tsarevich Alexei. At that time the young aspiring actor would have had no idea his career would elevate to the levels it has, in Hollywood no less. Not only has he made it big in tinsel town, but he has been kept in huge demand and always busy. Even now, Bale is facing a plethora of various film role choices. It’s certainly going to keep him off the streets. With such a bumper harvest of future projects on offer to him, he’s probably not even aware there’s a recession on. In fact, the only job he has is to choose which roles to accept. How nice it must be to have such highbrow offers without having to apply. As yet though he hasn’t made any decisions. So let’s shine a flashlight on some of these projects.

Clint Eastwood is eyeballing him for the lead role in his upcoming remake of ‘A Star is Born’, which would see Bale falling for Beyonce as he coaches her, whilst at the same time watching her career rocket whilst his plummets.

Then there’s director/producer Michael Mann’s next project called ‘Gold’, which is still under wraps but is rumoured to be a modern remake of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948), Which was about two ambitious and energetic Americans searching for gold in Mexico.

Controversial director Spike Lee has already agreed to shoot the remake of Oldboy (2003), a South Korean film based on a Japanese comic book story. Bale is being offered the role of the villain who locks the hero of the film into a hotel room for 15 years.

Not to forget Darren Aranofsky’s ‘Noah’. An epic biblical tale of the building of the Ark. Bale is being offered the role of the title character, equipped with robes, sandals and beard no doubt.

Last but not least there’s director Scott Cooper’s ‘Out of the Furnace’, a film formerly known as ‘The Low Dweller’, a dark drama which tells the story of a man named Slim, who, after being released from a lengthy prison sentence for murder, sets out to avenge the murder of his brother.

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