Connie Smith – ‘Long Line of Heartaches’: A Review

September 8, 2011

Connie Smith - Long Line of HeartachesLong Line of Heartaches is only Connie Smith’s second release in over 30 years. She hasn’t lost anything. Having 39 top 40 country songs, of which 20 were top 10′s. Number one for 8 weeks, “Once a Day” is her classic crying song which states, “Lucky me, I only cry once a day, all day long, once a night, from dusk till dawn.” There is no shortage of weepers here. The title song is classic Connie. She is married to Country singer Marty Stuart.

“You and Me” is another weeping end-of-the-line song, as good as anything she has ever done. When you are hurting these songs actually make you feel better. You get that out of classic hurt songs. “That Makes Two of Us” is a “memories and lonely here and now song to go with the hurting songs. A great slow forlorn song. “Ain’t You even Gonna Cry” is a  leaving, “where are the tears over me?” song. Another slow song that is pretty good. There is not a bad song on this release.

“Pain of a Broken Heart” is a snappy but agonizing song, but has a nice acceptance of heartaches feel that is a reality. Connie never did fooling yourself songs. “My Part of Forever” is an excellent love is what it is, and that is the best I can do kind of song. “Take My Hand” is a gospel flavored, searching for guidance song and a really nice song. “I’m Not Blue” is slow and weepy, but I will get through the pain in spite of it all. “Blue Heartaches” is another aching heartbreak song with a nice sound.

On “A Heart Like You”,  the chorus says it all about this song — “What’s a heart like you doing in a fool like me?” “I Don’t Believe That’s How You Feel” is a ‘I think it’s not really over’ kind of song. This is as close to happy as this release gets. “Anymore” is a slipping away, you don’t love me like you used to song. Connie can keep doing these kind of songs and they do not get old. Connie is still capable of four stars, and this is solid proof.

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