Lindsey Buckingham – ‘Seeds We Sow’: A Review

September 8, 2011

Lindsey Buckingham - Seeds We SowAs a long time Lindsey Buckingham fan, his new release Seeds We Sow is excellent from start to finish. “End of Time” is a really pleasant mid-tempo song that does show the marketabililty the group that gave him a boot in the behind several years ago would have liked. That being said, this is simply a really good song and my favorite track. “Gone Too Far” is a Pop flavored song. Regardless of marketability, this is another of the best. “Illumination” shows a more funky side than what some of the other songs sound like from Lindsey these days.

“In Our Own Time” is another sound yet with some slick acoustic guitar lead and it’s a snappy sounding song. On “One Take” finally folks enter the electric guitar. A quirky song but funky in parts. It’s great song and one of the best here. “Rock Away Blind”  has a minimal beat and those fast acoustic guitars he favors these days. “She Smiled Sweetly” is a lovely acoustic song. I like this one quite a bit. The title track is quite a fast paced acoustic song. Marketing may not know what to do with it, but no matter it’s pretty good to me.

“Stars Are Crazy” is another fast acoustic guitar tune with minimal percussion, but strong as they all are. “That’s the Way Loves Goes” alternates totally acoustic with a pretty snappy beat. Variety is here in this song by itself. Another really good song. “When She Comes Down” is a slower song with a lazy beat. There is a nice variety here in spite of a lack of electric guitars. With very little weakness, Lindsey scored four and a half stars easily.

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