Hank Williams III – Ghost To a Ghost/Gutter Town: A Review

September 16, 2011

Hank Williams III- Ghost to a Ghost/ Gutter TownThe thirty songs on Hank William III’s new double CD Ghost To a Ghost/Gutter Town is quite an undertaking to hear. Never mind Hank William III’s other releases¬†3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin and the Doom Metal Attention Deficit Domination that I will get to later. “C*&% of a B#&*%$” is not your Dad or Grandpa’s Country music. It has a lot of cussin’, but is still a good song. “Day by Day” is a great singing song without vocal effects. I like the boom boom bass drum and jam in the middle. “Chaos Queen” has an unusual organ melodica sound that builds with an unsual violin sound. Hank uses a mellow vocal effects sound instead of megaphone. “Chord of the Organ” ¬†has the eerie organ thing here as a short instrumental. “The Devils Movin’ In” is Hank 3′s twisted Country, but a really good song. A nice eerie acoustic song that is one of my favorites.

“Don’t Ya Wanna” has a strange vocal sound, but I like the lilting, funky drums. “The Dream of Before” is ghost town sounds and a possible Halloween track, as are a few others. “Dyin’ Day” has a Cajun party going on. “Ghost to a Ghost” is Country sounding, although Hank 3 style, with weird backing vocals and gypsy violins. Quite long, but very nice. “Gutter Town” is about as Country as Hank gets. He sings very well on this song. “Fadin’ Moon” has the violins but the vocals are a bit strange, as you will find on Hank 3 Country. The percussion is rather odd but good. “Gutter Stomp” is accordions and Hank 3 chanting and an unusual beat. “Goin’ to Gutter Town” is freaky effects and outdoor sounds.

“I Promised” has a bit of Bluegrass harmony here. “I’ll Be Gone” has a Cajun megaphone sound, and is kind of snappy. “I’ll Save My Tears” is Celtic flavored and sounds very interesting. “It’s Goin’ Down” is another effects concept song. “The Low Line” is a vocal ambience track with atmospheric ambience. “Move Them Songs” is another good Country flavored song. “Musha’s” is another cajun song and works well, as do the other cajun tunes here. “Outlaw Convention” is a Country Rock gem with some vocal effect. “Ray Lawrence Jr.” features a guest singing and doing a dobro and train song made into one song. “Ridin’ the Wave” has violins that hiss like the devil’s in Charlie Daniels big hit. An unusual song that makes up the diversity of the recording. “The Round” is squeaky racket ambience. “Thunderpain” is mostly vocal and storm effects with minimal music. “Time to Die” is another of Hank 3′s morbid Coutry songs, but is very good. “Troopers Chaos” is the mournful dog sound effects song. “Troopers Hollar” has a strange, circus clown banjo feel to it. “With The Ship” is vocal chanting, along with a strange beat and droning on the second half. A pirate shiver me timber atmosphere.”The Dirt Road” is engines dialogue and spooky sounds. I would say this is a 4 star concept release.

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One Response to Hank Williams III – Ghost To a Ghost/Gutter Town: A Review

  1. rob on October 1, 2011 at 9:05 am

    Although I do like Hank III, I’m not sure that I want a steady diet of his music. I just have been unable to attach a label to the man, or his style, or his genre. Having said that, I suppose that is the main reason I like a lot of his music. I would also bet that he wants it that way.