LeAnn Rimes – ‘Lady & Gentlemen’: A Review

September 30, 2011

LeAnn Rimes - Lady & GentlemenLeAnn Rimes’ new release ‘Lady & Gentemen’ contains a very nice laid back version of Merle Haggard’s “The Bottle Let Me Down” and it’s an excellent reason why covers can be good. This is a very nice version of this song. There is no doubt LeAnn singing the classic by Kris Kristofferson “Help me Make it Through the Night” is a good choice, and it’s quite a winner here. A very strong vocal performance by LeAnn and possibly the strongest vocal performance I have ever heard of this classic song. “Crazy Women” is a Rockin’ Country song that is a fun song best not taken seriously. “Give” is an endorsement for the rewards of pouring out your heart. On this version of “Swingin’” it’s sped up and shuffles the beat. It makes your head spin and takes getting used to. These last three have been available for awhile.

14 songs on Amazon for only $5.00 is quite a good deal. “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights” is pretty good as well. This version has an acoustic guitar lead that I like. “The Only Mama That’ll Walk The Line” is kind of funky and has a strong beat along with a good electric guitar sound. “I Can’t be Myself” is yet another mellow song and it is very surprising how these song work this way. “16 Tons” is similar to the original, but a horn section sends this one home. A really nice version. I like “Rose Colored Glasses” and this version goes for a pretty fine shuffling drum beat sound.

“A Good Hearted Woman” has a sweet guitar and driving beat. “Blue” is a remake of her own big hit song featuring The Time Jumpers, but it is different in that it sounds western swing. I like the difference. “He Stopped Loving Her Today” is really laid back and acoustic mellow. This is a very intriguing version where LeAnn holds back and doesn’t over sing this one. The steel guitars are very prominent, but sound quite good here. This is worthy of four stars.

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