Matthew Sweet – ‘Modern Art’: A Review

September 30, 2011

Matthew Sweet - Modern ArtThe title track on Matthew Sweet’s new release Modern Art sounds like  the title suggests, but in a good way. A cool mellow piano song with synthesizers is not business as usual, but is sweet like his name. It is a favorite of mine on this, and very beautiful also. “A Little Death” has a strong bass guitar on it, and lead guitar upfront. It is more than halfway into the song until the drums come in. “Oh Oldendaze!” finds Matthew Sweet forlorn and wanting a love from way back when, henceforth the title. “Baltimore” is another pretty good mid-tempo song. This is Power Pop yet again.

“Sleeping” is another unusual electric guitar song with no drums. This bodes quite well in the creativity department. “Lady Fingers” has a blues feel with a hard edge, featuring a stellar lead guitar. Another of the best. “She Walks the Night” is quirky as is the rule here. This could be Matthew at his weirdest, but also his best. After it gets going it does indeed fit the Power Pop genre, like it or not. The quirky middle part is a fine example of what I like about this release. This is another of the stronger songs.

“Ivory Tower” is very unusual, but I like it. It may not be love , but it is pretty  good. “When Love Lets go I’m Falling” is mid-tempo heaven and another of the best here. “My A$& is Grass” finds Matthew insisting his a$& is grass and is quite convincing in doing so. At least there is no denial in this song. “December Dark” is more like the usual song you would expect, but the intrigue is in the charm of this release.

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