The Jayhawks – Mockingbird Time: A Review

September 30, 2011

The Jayhawks - Mockingbird TimeThe stand out track “Cinnamon Love” on The Jayhawks’ new release Mockingbird Time shows in a hurry  how Gary Louris returning after fifteen years is a pretty big deal. They sing so well together on this, as well as on all of the songs. The title track is a mellow, slower piano song with an easy going feel, and quite lovely in the process. “Black Eyed Susan” slows things down somewhat also, featuring a haunting violin on an acoustic song. These tracks are quite strong and solid acoustic songs.”High Water Blues” has a stellar acoustic guitar jam for a mid song instrumental break. A really nice mid-tempo song.

“Pouring Rain at Dawn” is a gorgeous acoustic song with a shuffling beat. This is another of the best songs.”Closer to Your Side” is a mid-tempo acoustic song, of which there are several great ones on here. “Guilder Annie” is another really nice acoustic song. It also has a mellow electric sound blended in. “Hey Mr. Man” is also more on the Rock side. In spite of the generic song title, this song is quite vibrant.

“Hide Your Colors” is aRock song, and makes for a decent amount of variety. “Stand Out in the Rain” is another excellent acoustic song, with some stunning vocals from Louris and Olson.”She Walks in so Many Ways” is short and sweet. This is another excellent example of them singing well together. I would say this is a solid four and a quarter star release. The Jayhawks are: Tim O’Reagan (drums), Gary Louris (electric guitar, vocals), Mark Olson (acoustic guitars, vocals) Marc Perlman (bass guitar) ,and Karen Grotberg (keyboards)

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