A Personal Tribute to Steve Jobs: A Music and Entertainment Innovator – Chapter 1

October 11, 2011

Steve Jobs

By Kenneth E. Oquist

I do not think it is a stretch to say that longtime Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs’ products have changed my life in the last 6+ years. At times it seems they were pricey, but I appreciated the quality. Cadillac style if you need terminology. I purchased my first Apple Computer, a dual core 1.8gig G5 as a refurb for $1799. At the time this was a fabulous computer. Not too shabby for a first computer. It had 512k memory. I have since upgraded to 3gig and could go further with 8 memory slots. It is still going strong. I have had many happy returns back for the amazing things it could do at that time. I have always used a dual core processor. There are many people who do not think this was important. I think it was must have. Maybe quad core is not essential, but dual core is.

Apple may seem unusual to not have much in the way of instructions. It was user friendly and there were ways to learn with missing manuals. It was a joy to become good at using it. A few months ago I did not know what to think of Steve stepping down. Now there is no doubt in my mind. He was not capable of continuing. He chose a successor and are there any secret future plans? We will see. Apple was Steve’s life. That shows in the products. It was obvious he wanted people to have quality. That is exactly what they received. He is like Walt Disney and Henry Ford. The company will go on for a long time. It seems that the G5 is a dinosaur. This is part of technology advancing. It took awhile to get there. It took awhile to get where we are now.

There is a point where the latest iPhone may seem like it’s not advancing enough. It does get harder to advance after a certain point. The reason Steve was so amazing is that he had multiple visions to take entertainment and technology to new levels, and in a multi-faceted way. Sure some things such as iTV were so so, but there were alot of winners. With this G5 dinosaur I used widgets, which are still useful. iTunes with its music, movies, and visualizers is still a factor. It made movies, burned CDs and DVDs, and a whole lot more. There are 70,000 songs in my iTunes library. Now with a $90 1 terabyte external hard drive the sky is the limit. 80 gig externals were $200+ not that long ago. Such is the world of technology.

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