Five Finger Death Punch – ‘American Capitalist’: A Review

October 18, 2011

American Capitalist - Five Finger Death PunchOkay you caught me with my guard down. I have liked Five Finger Death Punch for awhile. If you have a bitter friend on your Christmas list, give this a try. They have a unique ability to blend good singing with gritty vocals mixed in. “Menace” is a nice example of how Five Finger get to you. The hardcore but we can sing aura is all over the place here. A fine example of their boom-boppity-boom-boom drums. “Under And Over It” is a song that says lyrically, “If I ever gave a s%$#, I don’t remember it.” One of the stronger examples of the vocal range is on this song.

The title track on ‘American Capitalist’ sets the tone for all the songs. “The Pride” is a pretty good hardcore anthem to life in America. “100 Ways to Hate” is one of my favorite songs on this release. This is not for tender ears, and is the raunchiest song on here. “Coming Down” although sightly more accesible, is still not mellow — just less edgy. “If I Fall” proclaims matter of fact “if I fall I’ll take everybody down.”

“Wicked Ways” has a wicked drum and affected guitar intro. I may have felt this way a few times about the opposite sex. The title says much in two words. “Remember Everything” is a “I just can’t forget at this time” type of song. This happens at times. There is a nice guitar break on this. Another one of the best songs. “Generation Dead” starts with a gritty bass intro, along with a poetic delivery on the first part of the song. “Back For More” is a song with a “keep on at all cost.” I guess sometimes you have to as this suggests. Four and a quarter stars. Five Finger Death Punch are: Zoltan Bathory (guitars), Jason Hook (guitars, backing vocals), Chris Kael (bass, background vocals), Ivan Moody (vocals), and Jeremy Spencer drums, background vocals)

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