Evanescence – Self Titled New Release: A Review

October 19, 2011

Evanescence - self titled new releaseIf you like Rock with a chick singing, this is right up your alley. “What You Want” has some nifty percussion and a pretty good vocal perfomance. This is one of the best songs. “Made of Stone” has power chords that are quite good. One of my favorites on here. “The Change” has a guitar and percussion combination that is quite marvelous. This is another solid song. “My Heart is Broken” — I have this problem myself honey. All kidding aside, this is a excellent Rock song with some catchy piano playing. “The Other Side” has more solid drumming and some heavy Rock guitar.

“Erase This” has that maddening get in your head piano playing. This rocks pretty good also. “Lost in Paradise” starts out with vocals and piano and becomes a pretty good mid-tempo song in the second half. “Sick” describes how enough is too much. I couldn’t agree more. A nice Rock song with mellow interludes. This is a recording with a lot of strength. “End of the Dream” really Rocks as well. More tinkling of the ivorys, which is done very nicely. Amy Lee is the esquisite pianist and vocalist. “Oceans” ¬†has a synth and vocal intro, moving into a nice Rock song. “Never Go Back” is also heavy on guitars and percussion.

“Swimming Home” is more laid back and Pop sounding than the rest of the songs. A lovely showcase of the variety on here. “New Way to Bleed” is in between, further broadening the variety. This is a solid release all the way through. “Say You Will” really rocks! No if, ands, or buts here. One of the best songs here. “Disappear” is a pretty good straight forward Rock song with more of that get in your head catchy piano playing. “Secret Door” is another lovely song that displays the variety on here. “Never Go Back” is also heavy on the guitars and percussion. I like this release from the first to the last song. This would make a lovely 4 and a third star Christmas gift. Evanescence members are: Amy Lee (vocals, piano),¬†Terry Belsamo (lead guitars), Troy McLawhorn (rhythm guitar), Tim McCord (bass guitar), and Will Hunt (drums)

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