Wilco – The Whole Love: A Review

October 25, 2011

Wilco - The Whole Love“I Might”  has an old school organ with a good mix of guitar sounds both acoustic and electric. “Sunloathe” starts off beautifully, and building to finish strong. It has nice variety, sounding like three songs in one. “Standing O” has a more Rockin’ sound and the beat is very good. This has an upbeat feel with organ sounding keyboards. “Capitol City” has an old school sound which is a good example of the variety we have here. “Whole Love” has mighty fine guitars you come to expect from Wilco.

“Open Mind” is an excellent acoustic song with ambient keyboards. “Dawned on Me” has a pretty good acoustic/electric combination. This is another really solid song. The electric guitar definitely has an Alternative sound. “Rising Red Lung” is an excellent acoustic Alternative song. This has a haunting sound to it. “Born Alone” is a more Alternative Rock sounding song, and one of the best here. “Art of Almost” is a long song with an intriguing beat. There is some pretty nice guitar work toward the end. ‘”Black Moon” has an acoustic sound along with a mellow electric and an Alternative Country sound. “One Sunday Morning” is a mostly acoustic song with some electric guitars here and there and a pretty good piano sound. Fortunately Rhapsody has the version with the four bonus tracks. “Black Moon”-Alternate Version” There is not a lot of difference between this and the regular version, but they are both really good.

“I Love My Label” has a more Rock sound than some of the others. A very nice bonus track.”Speak Into the Rose” is another of the bonus tracks with a great guitar and synthesizer Alternative sound. Funny title for an instrumental.  ”Message From the Mid-Bar” has an Alternative Country sound and is another really nice bonus track, with “Black Moon-Alternative Version” being the 4th one. This is a four star effort from Wilco.

Wilco is: Jeff Tweedy (guitar, vocals), John Stirratt (bass guitar), Nells Kline (guitar), Glenn Kotche (percussion), Pat Sansone (multi-instrumentalist), and Mikael Jorgensen (keyboards).

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