Kelly Clarkson – ‘Stronger’ Deluxe Edition: A Review

October 27, 2011

Kelly Clarkson - StrongerJust released from Kelly Clarkson: ‘Stronger’. The single “Mr. Know it All” can be heard on her Official website or watch the embedded video below. It is good, but there is a lot better on here than that. “Dark Side”  has a music box sound for the intro. This is a really solid sounding Pop song. “Einstein” has a rockin’ Pop sound that I find works very well. Her creme rinse works better than Einsteins, or she has a better stylist for sure. I like this song and it’s one of the best. “Dark Side” confesses to not being a perfect angel, and pleads for understanding.

“Honestly” has a mellow intro and it moves into a pleasing Pop song. One of the many strong songs on here. “You Love Me” could possibly be too good to get abused by being overplayed. I like this one best of all. A sharp sounding tune — gnarly dude. “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger” may sound like a cliched title, but this song has a great sound and the beat will give you a lift. “Standing in Front of You” is slower and has a steamy, foggy windows effect. A quality release will stretch itself to be more durable, and this scores well on that regard.

“Hello” will get the dance floor crowded with a snappy beat. Another strong tune among many. “I Forgive You” forgives both sides for mistakes. It sounds like a lip horn in the background. Kelly is not afraid of pushing the envelope here. It comes out fresh sounding in the process. “The War is Over” proclaims ‘you don’t deserve me.’ Give an aspiring music critic a try Kelly. “Let Me Down” has Pop superstar all over it, and this is quality without compromise.

“You Can’t Win” is not quite as good as some of the others. Not bad, but not a favorite. “Breaking Your Own Heart” is a weeper that sounds different than much of this release. A really quality change of pace. “Don’t You Wanna Stay” has a mellow catchy beginning. This is a pretty nice duet with Jason Aldean. If Country goes Pop, well Pop can go Country, and it works here — with yet another strong, catchy tune.

“Alone” returns to a straightforward Pop sound, and it does it well. “Don’t be a Girl About it” is a coy sounding song, and darn it all, I like this one too. “The Sun Will Rise” has a ‘better day is coming’ message, and is a solid finish to very solid release. This would make a major release Pop music lover happy receiving this as a gift. Four and a half stars, with “Mr. Know it All” the weakest link.

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