Toby Keith – ‘Clancy’s Tavern’ Deluxe Edition: A Review

November 7, 2011

Toby Keith - Clancy's TavernThe first single “Made in America” off of Toby Keith’s new release ‘Clancy’s Tavern’ is a pretty good song that has been out awhile. It has a nice sentiment, but I personally cannot buy all American products. “I Need to Hear a Country Song” finds Toby in need of a Country song, and staying mostly Country in the process. The four live bonus tracks are quite good. “Shambala” is a fine version of the classic made huge by Three Dog Night. “Memphis” is a pretty good Country/Rock version of this classic. “Truck Drivin’ Man” is a nice version of the lost classic done years ago by Red Steagal. “High Time” finishes the four song live set with a Country/Rock song that is a pretty good finish.

“Tryin’ to Fall in Love” is a song that hits too close to home for those who can’t get a grip on women. All people who find this area in life difficult thank you from the bottom of their broken hearts. This is really a very excellent song, and my favorite one here. The title track is about a lady bar owner named Clancy. Although I initially thought this was a guy’s name, this is a pretty good song. “Just Another Sun Down” continues in the lonely, forlorn vein about this being same old, same old, loneliness again today.

“Beers Ago” is a pick-up truck, tobacco chewing, 1062 beer song. This also has a red neck feel to it. “South of You” is a ‘trying to forget you’ song of which Country does a lot of. “Club Zydeco Moon” is a voodoo woman type of song. I like this one quite a lot. “I Won’t Let You Down” is a more positive song finding Toby working on a good relationship. I like the guitar solo on this song. “Red Solo Cup” is a red neck anthem that is quite amusing. It has a party atmosphere similar to The Beach Boys “Barbara Ann”. “Chill-Axin” is a solid acoustic, laid back Country song. There is not a lot of weakness here, making this a four star release.

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