Miranda Lambert – ‘Four the Record’: A Review

November 19, 2011

Miranda Lambert - Four the RecordThe first single off of Miranda Lambert’s new release ‘Four the Record’ has been available for awhile. “Baggage Claim” has a pretty good beat. It is about carrying the load in a relationship. “Fine Tune” is a slow, lazy Country Blues song. I like this one quite a bit. “All Kinds of Kinds” is a pretty good take on the variety found in life. “Safe” is a mid-tempo acoustic/electric song further emphasizing variety. “Fastest Girl in Town” also has a strong acoustic/electric combination sound. This is one of the funkier songs here. “Mamas Broken Heart” has a hot percussion sound and strange electric guitars bouncing around. A rare heavier sound from Miranda is found on this song. There is a nice variety across the board here.

“Dear Diamond” is another acoustic song with electric ambience. You can’t accuse her of rock guitars on a country release. “Same Ol You” finds Miranda growing tired of a drinking out on the town with a no good boyfriend. “Easy Living” has it all acoustic, electric, dobro, and a really interesting drum sound. “Over You” has a really nice electric guitar and acoustic combination that sounds great. One of the best songs on here. “Look at Miss Ohio” is a middle of the road acoustic song with an electric ambience she does pretty well. Personally, I don’t dare look too long, as it hurts too much.

“Better in the Long Run” is a more upbeat song that balances the other songs nicely. “Nobody’s Fool” is more electric than some of the others. This is a pretty good “I am my own person” anthem. “Oklahoma Sky” has an acoustic beginning that drifts into a laid back mellow acoustic song, with cool electric guitar ambience on the second part. Four stars for ‘Four the Record’

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