The Black Keys – El Camino: A Review

December 7, 2011

The Black Keys

By Kenneth E. Oquist

The Black Keys - El CaminoJust in time for the end of the holiday releases is the latest from the Black Keys — El Camino. “Lonely Boy” is the first single. This is too good to get overlooked by radio. This song has rockin’ guitars, funky drums, and an infectious chorus of background singers bleating ‘I got a love that keeps me waiting’. “Dead and Gone” has a throwback sound, yet is fresh and timeless. This is part of the aura. Nice guitar sound. “Gold on the Ceiling” has a psychedelic sound. This is a 2011 release. Oh, yes it is. I am showing my age, but this is so awesome. One of the best on this.

“Little Black Submarines” starts out acoustic and becomes a rocker. Nice differential from the others. “Money Maker” is a straight forward rocker. Nice drum work in the middle. “Run Right Back” is another rocker old school style, and another of the great songs found throughout. “Sister” is a mid-tempo Rocker with some great guitars. Again, the influences are old school. “Hell of a Season” has a grooving beat and some nice ambience, with a slightly Reggae/Rock sounding guitar. “Nova Baby” features groovy guitar ¬†along with ambient organ. Catchy little ditty here.

“Stop Stop” has a guitar riff you may find hard to forget. There are some vibes at times on a few songs. “Mind Eraser” — I could use one of these at times myself. This is a good example of the bare bones Rock the duo deliver. No bells and whistles here, ¬†just great Garage Band Rock. This is a four and a half star release. I love these guys.

The Black Keys are duo Dan Auerbach, (guitars, vocals) and Patrick Carney (drummer/producer). They are from Okron, Ohio. El Camino was recorded in Auerbach’s new studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

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