Michael Franks – ‘Objects of Desire’ and Others Reissued

December 17, 2011

Michael Franks - Objects of DesireHaving been unavailable for a long while, the reissue of Michael Franks’ ‘Objects of Desire’ is a welcome surprise. While songs such as “Tahitian Moon” and “Love Duet” have been available for some time, and are spectacular examples of how good this is, they leave you wanting more. Now ‘Objects of Desire’ is here in it’s entirety. If you like Michael Franks’ cool, mellow vocal style, this is essential. While I am guilty of glamourizing hard to get obscure classics, this is worthy of the hype. Michael Franks’ ‘Objects of Desire’¬†is a winner that I’m glad to see return.

“Wonderland” is a cool laid back song with a slow burn that is classic Michael Franks. “No One But You” is even more mellow and you will not mind at all, or call it boring. There is nothing here that does not shine. “No Deposit Love” has a mellow beginning, becoming mid-tempo later, featuring nice guitar work throughout. “Laughing Gas” is a nice song about comparing love to getting high.

A fine example of the great songs you find here is “Ladies’ Nite”. Featuring an enchanting mid-tempo feel, it’s a great cool and mellow guitar¬†song. “Jealousy” heats up a bit, but not a lot, although it does break things up and features some pretty solid background vocals. “Flirtation” is a “flirting is nice but I want you much more” kind of lyrical adventure. I am on this same page quite a lot Michael. This is my favorite cut on here. This is a four and a half star reissue.

Other great Michael Franks reissues are ‘One Bad Habit’, ‘Dragonfly Summer’, ‘Abandoned Garden’ and several others that are not so obscure.

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