Cage Rages With ‘Supremacy of Steel’: A Review

December 20, 2011

Eye popping album artwork still lives, and the cover of Cage’s new release ‘Supremacy of Steel’ is a fine example. The standout  track “Braindead Woman”, apparently a previously unreleased song now revived, is fast paced, quirky, and excellent Metal. If Metal is dead, Cage doesn’t know or care.

Powered with some hot lead guitar, ”Blood Steel” featuring Bitterfrost has a fast pace that gets the blood boiling. “The Beast of Bray Road” is another fast paced song with some frenetic drumming. Yet another strong track “King of the Wasteland” makes a good point. “Metal Empire” continues the fast pace. This is what Cage is all about and another strong track. There really isn’t a clinker on this. Another fast-paced track “War of the Undead”, featuring more excellent lead guitar work, would be a good exercise/workout song. “Flying Fortress” has flying drums and fast and furious is found throughout.”Doctor Doom” has an ominous feel to it, and some crunchy chord progressions.

“Annaliese Michel” is more fast, loud and furious Metal — loud and proud! “The Monitor”, featuring a war poetry introduction, is more mid-tempo. I like this one quite a bit. “Hell Destroyer vs. Metal Devil” is long, fast and mega loud. Metal lives here! “Skinned Alive”, a European bonus track, features stellar guitars and drumming with shouting vocals.

This is four star listening. A great musical journey for exercising to. Hailing from San Diego, California, Cage is Sean Peck (lead vocals), Dave Garcia and Steve Brogden (guitars), Norm Leggio (drums) and Pete Stone (drums).

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