Nightwish – ‘Imaginaerum’: A Review

December 29, 2011

Nightwish - ImaginaerumIf you like a sound like Roxette on steroids, give the new release from Nightwish ‘Imaginaerum’ a try. Europe seems willing to take more of a musical chance than the USA. The group is from Kitee, Finland. Nightwish is a hidden gem, indeed. “Taikatalvi” is a nice introduction to this release. It feels somewhat like a nursery rhyme anthem. “Storytime” and “Ghost River” give you a good idea what this group is all about. Progressive Heavy Metal might seem like a lame sub-genre but they are far too artsy to be simply Heavy Metal. “Slow, Love, Slow” is an excellent song with a more laid back feel. “I Want My Tears Back” has a nice sentiment, but I would rather have restitution myself.

“Scaretale” is another strong song heavily leaning toward the orchestrated side featuring some really nice vocals from Anette. “Arabesque” is pretty nice instrumental. “Turn Loose the Mermaids” is a beautiful song and one of the best on the release. “Rest Calm” is mostly upbeat, but has some mellow parts here and there. “The Crow, the Owl, and the Dove” is another laid back song and quite good as well. A nice example of the variety found here. “Song of Myself” is a long song — over 13 minutes in duration. The second part mellows out after rocking for the first part. “Imaginaerum” finishes the release with an orchestrated instrumental featuring a Celtic sound. This really displays the departure from Heavy Metal.

The deluxe version has a second disc that is an instrumental version of all these same songs. The group consists of Anette Olzen (vocals), Tuomas Holopainen (keyboards, synthesizer), Emppu Vuorinen (guitars), Jukka Nevalainen (drums, percussion), Marco Hietala (bass). Fifteen years and gaining momentum, they should be known by more music lovers.

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