Sergio Mendes – Confetti: A Retro Review

January 8, 2012

Sergio Mendes - Confetti Sergio Mendes’ classic release ‘Confetti’ has been much under appreciated due to the heavy Adult Contemporary focus. To some it is not Latin enough. Most of the airplay he gets in the U.S. is from Easy Listening or Adult Contemporary stations, so this thinking makes little sense. The minor Top 40 hit, featuring Joe Pizzul, ”Alibis” is simply a fantastic song. “Dance Attack” is Pop fluff, and not all that bad a thing in this case. “Kisses” is an excellent mellow song, and a great romantic song.

“Let’s Give a Little More This Time” is a “try again and do it better” kind of love song. “Morrer de Amor” gives this release variety, but unfortunately is a little boring. “Olympia” is a really strong song with a global feel — one of the stronger cuts on this.”Real Life” is a great mid-tempo song, and I like this one quite a bit.

“Say it With Your Body” is more Pop fluff. In spite of this, it’s still a pretty nice song.”The Sound of One Song” has a youthful choir making for some decent variety. If you are into obscure 80′s music, give this a try. Sergio Mendes’ ‘Confetti’ is four star listening. If you like this, try his self-titled release with the top 10 smash “Never Gonna Let You Go” featuring Joe Pilluzo and Leza Miller.

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