Preview: Bruce Springsteen’s 17th Studio Album ‘Wrecking Ball’

January 29, 2012

Song titles for the March 6th, 2012 release of Bruce Springsteen’s 17th studio album ‘Wrecking Ball’ are the new single “We Take Care of Our Own”, which sounds haunting — like a song from Springtsteen’s earlier releases ‘Born to Run’ or ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’. After hearing this, I can say I love it. Other tracks on Springsteen’s coming new release ‘Wrecking Ball’ include “Easy Money”, “Shackled and Drawn”, “Jack of All Trades”, “Death to My Hometown”, “This Depression”, “Wrecking Ball”, “You’ve Got it”, “Land of Hope and Dreams”, and “We Are Alive”.

There seems to be a strong anticipation for ‘Wrecking Ball’. ”Bruce’s strongest album in years” encapsulates the comments out there. When you have a blockbuster such as ‘Born in the USA’, it’s very difficult to follow-up with another mega seller. Fleetwood Mac releasing ‘Tusk’ following their blockbuster seller ‘Rumours’ comes to mind. Why must artists get ripped for just trying to move on? Neil Young said “F it” and followed his blockbuster ‘Harvest’ with ‘Time Fades Away’. The most troubling thing about all of this is that the follow-up releases are really good, they just simply did not sell very good. Bruce Springsteen still being with the same record label after all of these years is amazing. Perhaps Columbia believes Bruce to be as amazing of an artist as the world does.

I had my mother, who is over 70, listen to an earlier version of “Born in the USA” on the Springsteen’s ‘Tracks’ release. She nailed it right on the head when she said that it does not even sound like the same song. She likes his songs. He reworked the song and it became a huge hit. The point is, it may not have done as well in its original form. It was for the hardcore fan. It was of historic interest, and not hit potential. I think I want to hear the single again. I am looking forward to hearing the release. Yo, Bruce! Could your people get me an advance copy?

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One Response to Preview: Bruce Springsteen’s 17th Studio Album ‘Wrecking Ball’

  1. Glenn Long on January 30, 2012 at 7:10 am

    Being 51 I have grownup with Bruce music. His songs got me through some tough days in a small southern town with his message of hope, equality, blue collar and tolerance. Of late, I have grown tired of his music being so political motivated. He seems to hold such a deep rooted hatred of the right. It is in so much contrast to what I thought he stood for. I thought he stood for tolerance and acceptance. I know everyone has their views and we all are different but it seems to consume his life and music in the last few releases. I wish he would go back to writing about humans and not hatred. I don’t need him or anyone else preaching to me over and over again about anything. That is the reason I went to his music to begin with to escape that type of behavior.