Tim McGraw – ‘Emotional Traffic’: A Review

January 30, 2012

Tim McGraw - Emotional TrafficMissing the big Christmas music blast wasn’t a bad thing for Tim McGraw. With big name releases being few and far between early in the year, his new release ‘Emotional Traffic’ really stands out. I liked the title of this right away.

“Felt Good on My Lips” has an interesting alternative guitar sound. One of the best on here. It was a number one hit. In contrast, “Right Back Atcha Babe” reminds me more of a chick in a 4 cylinder Kia than a pickup. Okay, but not a manly song. ”Halo” is haunting sounding, and a fine example of the excellence you expect and get from McGraw. “One Part Two Part” is another very strong song. There is some solid music on this release. “I Will Not Fall Down” features a rough intro and a mellow sound on the verses. Really strong variety is found here. “The One” has a really radical sound — another thing McGraw excels at. He is into the now and beyond. That is also why he does well. He doesn’t churn out stale sounding songs.

“Better Than I Used To Be” is a really mellow song that mixes up the track variety on this release quite well. You guessed it, another strong song. “Touchdown Jesus” with its sports signal gospel combination is quite unique and interesting.”The One That Got Away” is also another excellent song — kind of down the middle in the sound department. “Hey Now” is snappy and upbeat, extending variety further.”Only Human” is reminiscent of the Eagles. Featuring R&B artist Ne-Yo, it’s another great song and another one out of the ball park. “Die By My Own Hand” finishes one of the best albums I have heard from McGraw — an excellent finish to a major release of 2012. Four and a half stars. A strong release from Tim McGraw.

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2 Responses to Tim McGraw – ‘Emotional Traffic’: A Review

  1. Jacqueline A on February 1, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    Hello Kenneth, Thank you for this awesome review, yes this Emotional Traffic album is a Masterpiece!! He is at his best, and so thrilled 2012 will be a exciting year – Love my Tim McGraw.

    • kim miller on February 2, 2012 at 6:15 am

      Tim out did himself this time. I can’t stop listening to the cd. Every song is great. I have been waiting for this cd and it was worth the wait. Great work Tim and can’t wait to see u on tour this summer!!!!!