Ringo Starr – ‘Ringo 2012′: A Review

February 10, 2012

Ringo Starr

By Kenneth E. Oquist
Ringo Starr - Ringo 2012
Once you get over the fact this is under thirty minutes, you will like Ringo Starr’s new release Ringo 2012. “Step Lightly” is redone very well here. From Ringo (1973), this was the b-side of “Oh My My”. The beat had a lilt to it. It’s done quite a bit different here, now it’s more straight forward rock. Don’t tell Ringo rock is dead. He apparently doesn’t know or care. “Wings”, also a redo, is from Ringo the 4th (1977). This is pretty good the second time around also. The song “Anthem” has been accused of being peace and love already done before. If it was, it did not rock like this. The electric guitars are pretty solid here.

Leaning heavy on rock, Ringo revisits the place he came from on “In Liverpool”. This is enjoyable. “Rock Island Line” is a pretty good cover of this old classic. Call it a Skiffle tune if you will. An uplifting song, ”Samba” has a snappy sound with a lighthearted feel. “Slow Down” is a mid-tempo rocker, putting the emphasis on getting there all in good time. A solid slide guitar song and one of the best.

Ringo Starr’s singing voice has aged very well. Like fine aged wine, he sounds excellent. “Think it Over” features an island feel sound. It should be longer, but it can’t be accused of being overkill. “Wonderful” finishes Ringo 2012 out with an acoustic rocker — also a really good song. This is a four and a quarter star release from Ringo Starr. The critics moaning about the length should mention the lack of inferior content.

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