Lambchop – Mr. M: A Review

February 21, 2012

Lambchop - Mr. MIf unusual, laid back music is your thing, you should give Lambchop’s latest release ‘Mr.M’ a listen — and their entire catalog for that matter. They remind me somewhat of the duo Mark-Almond. They also have some strong bass for such mellow tunes. “If Not I’ll Just Die” is a string soaked orchestral ditty that is worth a try. “2B2″ is another example of how Lambchop will creep into your mind and sneak up on you. It may become a regular part of your music listening.

“Gone Tomorrow” is a little faster paced but still fairly laid back. There is nothing on this that doesn’t work. “Mr. Met” is another string washed song with a lazy, but compelling sound. “Gar” is a mellow instrumental with some nice bass and dreamy background vocals. “Nice Without Mercy” shows some obvious beauty, but would not do well for party music. This is the charm of Lambchop. “Buttons” has a different beat, but is slow and lazy as is the theme here. Soothing is the operative word. “The Good Life (is Wasted)” is faster and shorter than the rest of the songs. There is more interesting percussion on this one, along with an ambient edge in the background I like considerably.

“Kind Of” delivers more of the same drifting into dreamland music. It won’t crash you awake, that is for sure. “Betty’s Overture” is a Jazzy sounding instrumental that has a strange eerie quality, augmented with background vocals. “Never My Love” is a beautifully done acoustic song. I love this song, although I doubt it will knock Adele off the charts. Four and a third star listening for the musically obscure adventurer. Based in Nashville, the band is fronted by Kurt Wagner along with many other members that are not a permanent lineup.

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