Lucero – Women & Work: A Review

March 22, 2012

Lucero - Women & Work - album reviewThese two subjects are sticky sujects. Let’s see how they handle it. The title track from Lucero’s new release Women & Work is a really great song:

One shot of women and one shot of  work.

Let it go. Let’s make a toast.

In the morning it’s going to hurt.

Come on kid, let’s drink ‘em down.

– Lucero from “Women & Work”

I try to avoid it hurting too much. Am I not drinking enough? This song has a nice piano/guitar sound. “Who You Waiting On?” is kind of a laid back track, featuring an organ/horn ambience. ”When I Was Young” harkens back on the singer’s younger days. As you get older, it’s just going to happen. “Sometimes” features more of the guitar sound one would expect from Lucero. A horn ambience accompanies this to a greater degree on this release, as is the case on “On My Way Downtown”, an excellent example of the sound Lucero is going for this time around. “Downtown-intro” is simply the beginning of “On My Way Downtown”.

“Like Lightning” is one of the best tracks on this, a jumping piano rocker featuring that horn ambience. “Juniper” is another solid and enjoyable song. “It May Be Too Late” is a mid-tempo, laid back, guitar track, featuring more horn ambience. “I Want Your Love” features even more horn accompaniment than the rest of the tracks. “I Can’t Stand to Leave You” features some excellent guitar work. “Go Easy” is a laid back, Gospel tinged song featuring mellow electric guitar and a female church choir chorus. Women & Work is four star listening from Lucero.



Lucero is Ben Nichols (vocals, guitar), Brian Venable (guitars), Rick Steff (organ, piano), Todd Beene (pedal steel), John C. Stubblefield (bass), and Roy Berry (drums). The horns are played by Jim Spake and Scott Thompson. They are based in Memphis, Tennessee.

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