Madonna – ‘MDNA: Deluxe Edition’: A Review

March 29, 2012

Madonna - MDNA - Deluxe Edition - reviewThe song “I F$%#ed up” off her new release MDNA finds Madonna confessional and delightfully human. This is one of the best on here. “Gang Bang” finds Madonna singing about a lover shot by gang members. This is a good song, but not one of the highlights.”B-Day Song” is a birthday song with a carefree additude, featuring a nice beat and as snappy sound. “Beautiful Killer” is about a good looking dangerous bad boy. Another good song, but not among the standouts. “Best Friend” is one of the best tracks on this, featuring some nice synthesizers and an excellent beat as well.

“Fallin’ Free” features an excellent mixture of mellow keyboard sounds and Madonna singing with a minimalist sound. This cut shows Madonna doesn’t need a blasting beat, or at times, any at all — a really nice song.”Girl Gone Wild” has the beat going on, kicking synthesizers and some beatless breaks Madonna does very well. “Give Me All Your Luvin’” — I like this version, with the female background vocalists singing “L-U-V ,” but the remix is even better. “Give Me All Your Lovin’ – Party Rock Remix” surpasses the regular version to me. It’s busy, but uplifting.

“I Don’t Give A” is in stark contrast to “I F%$#ed up” . This is mostly insinuation and doesn’t get naughty at all, and doesn’t detract from the song at all. This is simply a really good song, as are almost all of them. This song also lyrically proclaims Madonna as the queen. “I’m A Sinner”, also confessional, is another excellent song. Nowhere on MDNA is the beat too loud. A good beat and a lot of great songs are what we find here. “I’m Addicted” has some great keyboards and a simple beat — a really great song and another one of my favorites.

“Love Spent” has an unusual sound, but it’s also and excellent song. I like this one a lot. “Masterpiece” is a mellow song with a beat that again showcases Madonna’s vocals over the beat. “Some Girls” features some ripping synthesizers and a dance beat driving it without over doing it.  ”Superstar” and “Turn Up the Radio” feature funky beats with more really great synthesizers. “Turn Up the Radio” is a really snappy dance song, with a lot of pizazz. Four and a half stars for MDNA.

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