Cowboy Junkies -’The Wilderness’: A Review

April 10, 2012

Cowboy Junkies - The WildernessThe song “F%#k I Hate the Cold” buried at the end of the Cowboy Junkies new release, The Wilderness, is arguably the best song ever done by the long time Alternative Country artists from the Great White North. Having grown up in Minnesota, this hits the nail on the head big time! This is also actually one of the most rock-sounding songs ever done by the group. Sometimes a song done by a group that is not business as usual can be a blessing in disguise. This is a shining example of this. “Maybe I’m getting old, but F#%k I hate the cold.”

“We Are the Selfish Ones” is a more laid-back song, the type of song you would come to expect from Cowboy Junkies and type of song they have always done very well. We all can be selfish at times. The electric piano sound found here is prevalent throughout this release. Don’t look for synthesizers here.

“Unanswered Letter” starts out slow and becomes a very nice mid-tempo song — one of the best on this. “Staring Man” has a haunting sound, and serves as another fine example of the Cowboy Junkies sound. “Idle Tales” has a lovely sound, featuring excellent piano and laid-back acoustic guitars. The short electric guitar part makes this interesting. “I Let Him In” is another acoustic/electric piano song, of which there are several here. “Fairytale” features a great mix of acoustic stringed instruments.

“Damaged From the Start” combines some excellent percussion along with the electric piano/acoustic guitar sound. The titles sums up the lyric subject.”The Confession of Georgie E” adds to the legacy of the Rickie Lee Jones major hit of the guy “E” songs. Of course that would be “Chuck E’s in Love”. This is a haunting laid-back electric guitar song. “Angels in the Wilderness” is a really laid-back ambient song, which extends the variety of this release very nicely. The Cowboy Junkies new album The Wilderness is 4 and a third star listening. The Cowboy Junkies are: Margo Timmins (lead vocals), Michael Timmins (guitar), Peter Timmins (drums), and Alan Anton (bass). The band hails from Toronto, Canada.

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