Jack White – Blunderbuss: A Review

May 3, 2012

Jack White - Blunderbuss

The most important thing to realize is that Jack White’s new release Blunderbuss has bass. I do not mind as I am a bass enthusiast and player myself. Life without the White Stripes is good. Jack is an excellent piano player, as well as a great guitarist. The track “Missing Pieces” is a shining example of the intriguing electric piano sound found on several songs — and a mighty fine song as well. “Sixteen Saltines” features the sound you know from Jack, with the focus on his solid guitar sound. The effects are awesome on this, another very strong track. “Freedom at 21″ is another strong guitar flavored track, featuring excellent lead guitar work.

“Love Interruption” is an acoustic guitar/electric piano song, along with what sounds like an oboe. This song does a lot to expand the song variety and works very well. “Blunderbuss” has a surprisingly excellent country/alternative sound. This is a strong example of how he chose to push the envelope instead of leaving where he left off. “Hypocritical Kiss” has a lovely mid-tempo piano sound, and shows Jack as a pretty fair piano player. ”Weep Themselves To Sleep” is a piano rocker with really excellent piano playing.

“I’m Shakin’” features a funky beat and Jack’s guitar groove going strong, complimented with female backing vocals. “Trash Tongue Talker” is very strong piano rocker — one of the best on here. “Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy” is an acoustic piano song that is okay but not one of my favorites.”I Guess I Should Go to Sleep” is an acoustic piano song, heavy on background vocals. Really fine piano playing is on this song as well. “On and On and On” continues the country/alternative sound and this is one of the best tracks on a very strong release. There is some chorus on the guitar that sounds intriguing. “Take Me With You When You Go” is another solid song with piano and electric piano for a nice finish on a quality release. Four and a half stars.

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