The Kentucky Derby Shocker

May 13, 2012
Kentucky Derby - Churchill Downs Stables

Churchill Downs Stables

By Kenneth E Oquist

The media can be cumbersome, on a good day. This story cannot be overlooked. A body of a man was found dead on Sunday, May 6th, following this year’s Kentucky Derby race, in the stables of Churchill Downs. The details may come out over time, but even the most desensitized human being on the planet must have been shaken somewhat by this. Regardless of who is responsible, this is humanity on the dark side. Who would consider such a appallng act such as this, let alone carry it out? All that one can hope for is that this horrendous crime can be solved. It is reported that it occured shortly after the race.

Maybe I am naive. I get mad at some things and then quickly let them go. It also seems ridiculous to end it all to me. There are millions of examples that occur that are in total disregard of this way of thinking. This is a shining example of this. I will be the first to admit that I am not a people person, although leaving a body anywhere is not a possibility. Leaving a body after a major event seems even more bizaar to me. In my view, this does not put a bad light on the aura of The Kentucky Derby.

This is simply a dark stain on mankind. It is of a different mindset that would murder at all, and then dump a body at say the Superbowl. Wow and quadruple wow. I am a Baptist and not as preacher. This sort of thing shakes the likes of me quite a bit. I am  not a detective in any way, but my experience with mankind shows that murder is usually about women or money. All we can do is wait and see if this crime is solved.

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