Norah Jones – Little Broken Hearts: A Review

May 16, 2012

Norah Jones - Little Broken Hearts

By Kenneth E. Oquist

The title track “Little Broken Hearts” off of Norah Jones’ new release features a shimmering guitar effect. It’s kind of slow, but this does not hurt it, and you just notice it. “Happy Pills” is the single and a good choice, featuring a pop guitar sound. “Out on the Road” has a pop guitar sound and a nice shuffling beat — another strong song. “All a Dream” is another example of how guitar orientated this album is and one of the best tracks on this. Yes, Norah is a stellar piano player, but this entire release is strong. “After the Fall” is a shiny pop song, another strong track.

Norah Jones - Little Broken Hearts“Miriam” is a strange little song. This is not a criticism at all, I simply found it unusual. An acoustic song with a bit of piano. “Good Morning” has a mostly acoustic sound with an ambient piano tinkle in it. “Say Goodbye” brings more shimmering guitar sounds, along with a touch of piano and keyboards on it. This is very catchy as well. Norah Jones’ voice remains stellar throughout the entire release. “She’s 22″ is another acoustic song with effects and some piano, but not a lot. “Take it Back” could actually be called a piano song, which is rare on this. There is a considerable depth to the variety. The effects are quite amazing throughout.

Also acoustic, “Travelin’ On” features a viola ambience that works well with Norah’s gorgeous vocals — a very beautiful song. The guitars on “4 Broken Hearts” echo quite a bit — cool sounds abound and another great song. There isn’t anything on this release that doesn’t work. Danger Mouse not only produced this, but artwork on the wall in his office apparently inspires the album cover Norah went with. This is four and a half star release with very little weakness.

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