Hank Williams III – Attention Deficit Domination: A Review

May 31, 2012

Hank Williams III - Attention Deficit DominationI am very glad to finally hear Attention Deficit Domination. This is the best of Hank Williams III in 2011. His transition to metal/punk rock on this release is quite stunning. Hank may do this as well as the best who do this all the time. Not a song on this does not work. I like slow thrash and Attention Deficit Domination is an excellent example of how good it can be.

“Camoflage” is one of the best here with minimum vocal effects. The guitar is quite delightfully crunchy. “I Feel Sacrificed” is another strong tune on this and one of the best Hank Williams III songs I have heard. If you skip this track because it is too harsh, you are missing out. “Bend”, the shortest song at 3:15, features quite a few vocal effects — another excellent slow thrash song.¬†Conversely,¬†”Make a Fall” features minimal vocal effects. I like this one quite a bit, another strong song on a strong release.

“Livin Beyond Doom” is the longest track on here at 8:45. This really rocks. Yet another example of what makes this such a strong release. “Aman” features the gargling underwater vocals Hank utilizes quite often. This song is quite strange. Featuring more vocal effeccts, “Get Str8″ is simply a fantastic song, and very solid.

“Goats and Heathens” highlights some jaw dropping thrashing guitars that will drive the meek listener running from the room. The vocal effects do not detract too much from this song, and it’s another fantastic song that works well. “Demons Mark” is another great song with minimal vocal effects. A little goes a long way, even on radical music. This is a four and half star release.

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