Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Americana: A Review

July 25, 2012

Neil Young and Crazy Horse - AmericanaSome of the songs on Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s new album Americana have been done so many times as the folk songs that they are. This being said, this has got to be heard to be believed. This is by far one of the most intriguing reworking of old folk songs gone garage band sounds I have ever heard. Yes, it sounds like Neil Young and Crazy Horse. I did not know what to think until I heard it. I love this big time. At first I thought what are they doing? “Tom Dooley” done Crazy Horse style right out of the box speaks volumes. This eight minute workout is an instant classic. These Folk songs are garage band classics no matter what you thought.

“God Save the Queen” is another solid garage band song here. It would be safe to say this is done in a way like no other. “Wayfarin’ Stranger” as an acoustic shuffle song is pretty darn awesome also. ”Oh Susannah” sounds out of place, but you will find yourself not caring. If musical adventure is in your soul, this will sing deep inside you. “Clementine” sounds even more bizarre, making it another classic. Great garage band workout Crazy Horse style. “Gallows Pole” gets much more of an edgy treatment than Led Zeppelin gave it on ‘Led Zeppelin III’ in the 70′s. “High Flying Bird” is more subliminal garage band reworking magic. “This Land is Your Land” is just simply a must do for a release like this. It delivers in the process.

“Get a Job”  is a riot as a doo wop classic. This not only works, but gets it done big time.  ”Jesus’ Chariot” is nothing short of spectacular. This is another strong song. “Travel On”, the big hit by Bill Grammer which is a classic, gets Crazy Horse treatment big time. This is my favorite track on here. This gets a garage band workout that is now a classic from the start. Nothing on here is nothing short of intriguing. This is four and 1/2 star listening.

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