Owl City’s ‘The Midsummer Station’: A Review

September 25, 2012

Owl City - The Midsummer Station

By Kenneth E. Oquist

Owl City - The Midsummer StationThe hit single off of Owl City’s new album The Midsummer Station is far more profound than the goofy “Call Me Maybe.” What do I know. Owl City shows how good he is with “Good Time” — taking Carly Rae Jepson to a new level. Maybe there are a few oh yeah choruses, but they are catchy on an earthy level. It would be unfair to expect more “Fireflies” here. That is a one of a kind wonder type song. In case Owatonna, Minnesota being nicknamed Owl City got past you, now you know. When I lived in Minneapolis I visited there a few times. It is a sleepy town, not a big time music hot bed. That said, it is on the map more so now.

“Take it All Away” has a speaker blowing beat and has much to like here. “Speed of Love” is quite a catchy and memorable song. Isn’t that what Owl City is all about? Do not discount this song. This is a dark horse. “Silhouette” has a more laid back sound. I feel Owl’s emotions coming through strong here. I like the departure. “Shooting Star” is another solid song. It also is a subject Owl does very well. “Metropolis” finds Owl and a lot of us left out to dry in this place.

“I’m Coming After You” has  a strong beat and a different sound. This is a good change up. “Gold” has the oh old chorus that has gotten criticism. It it quite catchy, get over it. “Embers” has the Owl wonder with a pretty solid beat. “Dreams and Disasters” — I admit I have been there. Funky beat Owl. You got it going on here. “Dementia” is also very good. I do not compare artists to themselves. They do different things. This is not “Fireflies,”  but I like it. I like Owl alot. “Bombshell Blonde” shows me if anyone says Owl has fallen off, I will not agree. This is as good as anything he has done so far. It has the look at me sound Owl does quite well. Four stars here and nothing less.

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