Green Day’s ‘Uno!’ Kicks Off a Strong Holiday Season: A Review

September 28, 2012


Green Day

By Kenneth E. Oquist

Green Day - Uno!Yes! It is here. The latest of three new albums from Green Day — ‘Uno!’. Kicking off the Holiday Season with a strong four and a half star release is a major punk player. The already out “Oh, Love” and heard some “Kill the D.J.” get this going strong and they all work here. “Angel Blue” is a simple song with a simple solid feel and nice guitar intro. Green Day style, of course. Would you expect anything else?

“Sweet Sixteen” is pop sounding but amazingly catchy. This is high on the stuck in my party rock head. “Nuclear Family” is a snappy solid song that you expect from a long time player. “Carpe Diem” is a solid song with some nice guitar. “Let Yourself Go” is a subject used a lot but it has a hard driving edge and the punk sound is strong here. Yes, the guitars rock quite a bit.”Stay the Night” is a lonely song, longing for some meaningful company.

“Fell For You” shows why Green Day has achieved mass appeal. It is also another strong cut. “Loss of Control” lyrically thinks things stink sometimes and doesn’t waste time walking on eggshells about it. Another great guitar driven track. There are some nice lead here. “Troublemaker” has a nice feel to it , and is one of the best songs on this — it gets stuck in your head. It kind of feels old school. “Rusty James” is another gem on a strong release. You may find this worthy of multiple listenings. Four and a half stars.

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