Taylor Swift – ‘Red’: A Review

October 18, 2012

“We Are Never Ever Gettting Back Together” explodes of moving on big time. Big hit, great song. What else do we have here?  ”22″ is the do it all and see what happens song. This will have mixed results at best. More rock than country here. “Treacherous” is more laid back, but the edge is more front and center here than in past Taylor recordings. The folky “Stay Stay Stay” is catchy and laid back and breaks up the other songs nicely. “State of Grace” is so not country, but a big rush of rock for sure. In spite of that, this is really darned good.

“State of Grace” is pop/rock done very nicely and quite a pleasing song. “Starlight” just might make you forget your ex was a big mistake. “Sad Beautiful Tragic” is just as it sounds. In the process, a wonderful song is the outcome. Putting all your demons into a recycling bin and trying again is what we have here. The title track is an acoustic/pop song with not much country here.

“The Lucky One” has a pop mentality. It’s also simply pretty darned good, as this is in general. “The Last Time” is something completely different and really works. “I Knew You Were Trouble” makes a rock song, but the act is so humanly must have. Welcome to the world of catch 22. “I Almost Do” Is a really nice acoustic rocker. Country on this release is not what is going on here. “Holy Ground” is a rockin’ thing for sure. Great song and from a non-judgemental viewpoint. This is another winner.

The acoustic “Everything Has Changed” has a catchy drum shuffle and a lot more.”Begin Again” is more mellow and more Country than the norm here. Nice break up of variety. “All Too Well” is another laid back song. Not a bad song here suggests a 4 and a half star major release in a strong Holiday season this year across the board.

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