‘Psychedelic Pill’ — Neil Young is Nearly Perfect

November 9, 2012

By Kenneth E. Oquist

‘Psychedelic Pill’ by Neil Young and Crazy Horse is nearly perfect at 4 and 3/4 stars. The song “Driftin’ Back” at 27+ minutes is nearly an album in itself. The title track is in original and alternate versions. This song does indeed set the tone for all the songs. The irony in this is that it is the alternate version that does this. The original version with phaser is actually not the norm here. The alternate mix sans phaser sounds quite a bit different than you would think, considering they are the same song. “Walk Like a Giant” has a giant lion share of content. Going on and on way too long for radio to touch is spectacular here.”Twisted Road” is short and sweet and another fine example of the song length variety we find here. All that is classic garage rock is in the building. It still lives musically in 2012.

“She’s Always Dancing” is long, but not as long as some, yet shorter than the workouts. “Ramada Inn” is another long workout. It also is a shining example of everything Neil Young and Crazy Horse represent — the be all end all if you will. “For the Love of Man” seems short on this release, and sleepy for the most part. Nice breakup and also a reason why this shines across the board. “Born in Ontario” is pretty much self explanatory coming from Neil. It’s also a strong song, as they all are. Rock is not only not dead, but thriving in 2012. Long live the King of Garage Rock!!!

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