A Crash Course For Apple’s iTunes 11.0

December 6, 2012

If you want it more traditional click on songs under the time line. I suggest using it clicking artists. The mini artwork by the artist name on the sidebar is stellar. Bigger artwork, track listings, and year in the middle work very nicely. Working on ipods will show up on sidebar on the right. Click iPod for information. If it is not tied to itunes you will want to click on this iPod to see. Click and drag tracks to add to ipod if you have it set manual. Add to will work also. Having twenty three ipods, some of mine are this way.

You will have to get used to the process of clicking add to for playlist song additions. You will also need to organize somewhat to get the best out of it. This will include putting the date in with get info. It may be helpful to click song as opposed to artist to see information such as bit rate, etc. It will also show up in the playlist mode as well. If you get time to work on it, please do. I plan on it. Trust me, it will drive you crazy, if you don’t. It looks so much nicer. I plan to work on it some here and there so I do not overdue. I still like the 3rd generation ipods with the red glowing buttons. These are still the best in the dark ipod.

You may also choose to give the up next track feature a whirl. Click on the 3 lines opposite the mini artwork on the left side of the time line. Clicking the circle arrow will take you to add to up next and more. I has taken a few days to figure these things out. The changes are well worth the process. Cloud is next to music in the top left. If you use home sharing clicking music will take you to that. I hope these tips crunch down figuring some things out. Don’t forget to check out the new improved iTune store experience. I have to go as I am itching to work on iTune 11.0 right now. Happy library improving to everyone.

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