Green Day’s-’Tre!’: A Review

December 12, 2012

Debuting on the day of  release in the top 5, ‘Tre!’ shows the popularity of Green Day. This is 4 1/2 listening as are the predecessors . The bare bones acoustic “Drama Queen” is among the best here. The range of this release is quite deep, perhaps even more so than the other two. If chick name songs are your thing then “Amanda” should be right up your alley. This one is right down the middle of the other songs. “Brutal Love” is also a highlight of “Tre!”. Here is a shining example of why the release has such depth and grows on you in a hurry. It has an underlying catchiness that will catch up with you. You may notice how this song builds quite nicely. With a love train wreck song you can’t go wrong.

“Missing You” has a more Green Day sound. This is a good song, but I am guilty of finding the diverse songs more compelling. “X-Kid” is also more Green Day-ish. The guitar is a driving force on this song. There is some strong lead guitar in the middle here. There is no filler on this release. “99 Revolutions” rocks the house as good as anything here. There is some catchy guitar work on this song. The drums are strong also. “Little Boy Named Train” is simple classic Green Day. It really Rocks! ‘Nuff said.”The Forgotten” really slows it down with a piano and vocal intro. Nice change of pace. It moves into a nice ballad with a slow beat.

“Dirty Rotten Bastards” at over 6 minutes is must hear Green Day. A great sing along song that Triple Rocks! Nice multiple rhythm changes, a product of the length, but no filler at all. Some really nice lead bass and lead guitar. This song is diverse in itself. I have decided this is the best song on here. Great title, don’t you think? “Sex, Drugs & Violence” is probably the most predictable song here. Not a detractor, though. This is another strong song. “Walk Away” is not to be ignored, but it might get lost in the strength of the other songs. More great guitar is the driver here. “8th Avenue Serenade” has catchy guitar and is yet another great song. This just has a get stuck in your head quality to it. Don’t let the boring album artwork fool you. This is a great release!


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