Stocking Stuffers 2-More Selections

December 21, 2012

Here are some more great song suggestions. “Hoop Dancer” by Bruce Cockburn is a fantastic song. The art of Native American dance is the subject of this song.  The live version of ‘Dialogue With the Devil” from ‘Circles in the Stream’ is much better than the studio version. Sarah Cracknell’s “Anymore” is quite a nice song about no more of you.”You Know Like I Know” by The Ozark Mountain Daredevils should have been much bigger than it was. Another great song is Derek & the Dominos asking the musical question “Why Does Love Got to be so Sad?

“Let Me Be Your Angel” is a catchy song that although it reached #21, you don’t hear it theses days. “Heart of the Night” by Poco even though is still heard I think it does not get overplayed. I have this in the heavy rotation playlist. “Contacting My Angel” is a gorgeous song and not a song that ever gets played. Van Morrison did a classic here. “Mary’s Prayer” by Danny Wilson is an excellent song you might not know. Happy Holidays  and happy listening.

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