Rick Springfield’s ‘Songs For the End of the World’ is Essential Rock: A Review

December 29, 2012

When chicks were screaming for Rick, I called it Rick ‘n’ Roll. Even those guys that may have thought he wasn’t cool, they were probably jealous. Teen icons come and go, but the latest from Rick is 4++ solid veteran Rock listening. Do not let this get lost in major releases. This is really solid. “I Hate Myself” is a beating yourself up over love song. Rick laughing at the end makes me think it is tongue in cheek.

“My Last Heartbeat” is a really good example of how Rick can still really Rock! “Depravity” is another fine example of this. “Love Screws Me up” is a classic. Rick you hit the nail on the head. It makes a fool of us all. It also Rocks really great! ¬†Joshua” may get lost here, but is still pretty darned good. “I Found You” should not get lost in theses other songs. It is another solid song.

“One Way Street” is simply another really good song taking the listener down solid Rock street. “Our Ship’s Sinking” is another song among the best here. “Wide Awake” sounds a bit Alternative and is quite a strong song. “A Sign of Life” shows a sign of a veteran Rock artist still kickin’ it. “You & Me” is strong as well, and there are no songs on this that do not work. “Gabriel” is a ballad as a chick song can be. I like this one quite a lot. It gets funkier in the middle, and ends the release on a nice tone.

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