‘Pretzel Logic’-Steely Dan’s Lyrically Unique Gem

January 13, 2013

Pretzel LogicPretzel LogicThis is not Steely Dan’s best. That would be ‘Aja’. There are a few other releases by the Dan better. There are none more interesting than ‘Pretzel Logic’. This is the most lyrically interesting release possibly ever recorded. The Beatles had songs that were amazing non-sensical lyrically . They did not do an entire release such as the Dan did. The obvious hit “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number” is a winner . The album cut “Any Major Dude” is a classic. It by no means ends there. The title track is non-sensical genius. It sums up the whole experience quite well. This could also be the most bizarre concept release of all time as well.

Even more bizarre is the fact it has not only an instrumental on a glorious lyrical mess, but the only cover by the Dan Duke Ellington’s East Saint Louis Toodle-oo. “Through With Buzz” is pretty darned hilarious. This short ditty explains the urge to party perfectly. “Night by Night” is a comfort for those of you stuck in a rut. What is more of a rut than sorry January. “Charlie Freak” is another classic. A homeless person forever in your heart is the subject on this one.  ”Barrytown” is most likely about suburban cliques, and snooty society in general. “With a Gun” is obviously a power behind a piece song. “Parker’s Band” is simply a fluffy feel good song. “Monkey in Your Soul” is an I feel song. Not smelling the monkey makes this even better.

If you need a lift, need to laugh, or simply need an outlet to take some pressure off, this should do the trick. It is no secret Donald Fagen is in a class by himself lyrically. Give his most unique release a listen. Five Stars lyrically, Four and a third stars musically.

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