Emmylou Harris/Rodney Crowell’s ‘Old Yellow Moon’ has a Grammy Winning Feel

March 13, 2013

Old Yellow Moon

This screams Grammy Winner past just being a nominee. I like it a lot being a huge Rodney fan. That being said, this is what Grammy voters swoon over. That would be veteran collaborations such as this. I would say this is 4 and 1/2 star listening. “Black Caffeine” has the romance and caffeine kick crashing together. This is a great combination. The title track leans on Traditional Country. It pretty much sets the tone for the whole recording. “Hanging up My Heart” is something we all feel, only to get back in the saddle to play the fool again. “Here We Are” is another together slow song, which this has quite a bit of.

“Back When we Were Beautiful” is heavy on Emmylou. This is where she shines. “Invitation to the Blues” is done Traditional Country style, which makes sense for this classic. “Bullrider” is one of the best on here. It has a snappy feel with a captivating violin and great trade off vocals. “Open Season on My Heart” is a pretty good song that starts out slow. These songs are heavy on romance.

“Spanish Dancer” is also quite mellow. This song is heavy on Emmylou. “Chase the Feeling” screams Rodney Crowell and is one of my favorites here. This is a very impressive song. “Dreaming My Dreams” is traditional and mellow, but this one will sneak up on you. “Bluebird Wine” has the has the age old romance and wine combination going on quite well. Give this whole release a listen.



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