The Mahones ‘Angel & Devils’: A Review

March 16, 2013

This has been out since late last year, but don’t forget this for your St. Patrick’s Day music. As with all their releases, you always get four stars every time. This is no exception. Let me say Four plus plus here. The title track is simply a loud acoustic song as is the theme here. “Shakespeare Road” is a loud acoustic song as a lot of the songs here are. “Spanish Lady”  is a solid thrashing good time song.”Medley a. Cruel of Turf b. Pigeon on the Gate c. The Battle of Aughrim”  is compelling acoustic fast paced yelling. ‘Nuff said here. “Angel Without Wings/Merry Christmas Baby” slows things down a bit for variety. I rely on the fast lane for the pace on this recording.  ”The Waiting” is more Rock than Irish but still really strong.

Angels &  Devils “The King of Copenhagen” is more like I expect, and delivers as well. “Past the Pint of No Return” is the best song here. This is a winner all across the board. A party song as the title suggests. “Medley a. The Connaught Man’s Ramble’s b. Christmas Eve Reels c. Johnny’s on Fire” is more acoustic instrumental screaming. It is also quite good.

“The Revolution Starts Now”  eases reality’s pain. The truth is, it started long ago. We were just getting along in the process. “Makes No Sense at All” is another great song. I feel this way a lot. “Whiskey Train”  I been on this train quite often. I relate quite well, and love this as one of the best here. This is a great song. “Tin Soldiers” is from the Stiff Little Fingers Tribute. A really solid song hat leans towards Rock. Thanks guys for another solid recording. Four +++ stars.

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