Here Come The Mummies — ‘Cryptic’: A Review

May 14, 2013


Here Come The Mummies again with a new release entitled ‘Cryptic’. They may be coming to a venue near you. I am going to the show at the Diamond Jo Casino in Dubuque, Ia. “You Know the Drill” has some nice funky guitars and of course punchy horns.”Chaperone” is an excellent song driven by a nice guitar sound. It has a pretty nice keyboard solo as well. “Infinity” has a piano melody that gets stuck in your head, and surprise! another funky song from the guys. There are more great solo keyboards here also.

“Devil Better Run” is funky big time driven by pulsing keyboards. This is one of the best here and a great sound with awesome lead guitar. ”Cruel Old Sun” has a reggae mummy sound. These guys are excellent secret identity musicians and they kick it big time on here. This one of their best ever. What a party! “Petting Zoo” is a little less funky but that doesn’t mean it is not still a great song. “Everything But” has a faster Reggae sound and a solid tune big time. The percussion is excellent here as on the whole release. “Innuendo” I like the musical intro on this song. This is a really great example of the whole aura of the group. Dig the mummy background vocals and a snake charmer feel.

“Never Grow Old” has a sweet electric piano intro, and a mellow ballad they are also great at. “Revenge” has a guitar that funks and then the song slows down a few times for an excellent depth feel. Here’s another killer tune. The title track has a Egyptian mummy feel to it quite strong. Some nice sax work and sitar sound. “Come Alive” has a lovely piano intro but gets funky soon. Nice guitar break in the middle, and it rocks until the end. Nice finish on a release with very little weakness. This is a four and 2/3 star release and must have for music lovers. See you guys in a few weeks!! Oh yeah baby!!!!

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