The Pet Shop Boys ‘Electric’ is a Winner.

July 20, 2013

Electric-Pet Shop Boys‘Elysium’ released only 10 months ago, was to me a disappointment. One of my least favorites in the entire catalogue, at best is only 3 stars. ‘Electric’ is what The Pet Shop Boys sound like on their best releases, like themselves. “Axis” starts out with a keyboard wash intro and gets funky. The beat is a strong part of what drives this whole release. The vocals here are merely ambient on this first song. “Bolshy” has a lot to like. The hit you over the head beat and strong keyboard playing makes this go as is delivered across the board.

“Love is a Bourgeois Construct” this has a beat and keyboard explosion that has to be heard to be believed. Another entry in my party rock file. The Springsteen song “The Last to Die” covered here, is every bit as good as anything else on this release. “Fluorescent” has killer bass and in this case is more party rocking and I mean big time. This song is da bomb!!! “Inside a Dream” another keyboard bass molten lava groove and ambient vocal backdrop with a beat to die for. Woah baby!!!. Another party rock playlist winner.

“Shouting in the Evening” has a shouting keyboard bass and this just party rocks!! Oh yeah, baby!! ¬†Excuse my while I place this gem in my party rock playlist. “Thursday” has bells and keyboard bass to groove this song. “Vocal” is about how a singer feels. I would say Neil really hit the nail on the head ¬†with this big time lyrically. Chris plays keys great on every song. This is a must have 4 3/4 star release.

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