Acoustic Guitar Hall of Fame-Bruce Cockburn

August 4, 2013

images-1Bruce is a good singer. Bruce is a good electric guitar player. Bruce is an absolutely stellar acoustic guitar player. His first album is okay. His second album ‘High Winds White Sky” is one of the best acoustic albums of all time. ‘Dancing in the Dragons Jaws’ featuring the hit ‘”Wondering Where the Lions Are” is an absolutely gorgeous album. “Creation Dream” from this album is still my all time favorite song.

‘Salt, Sun and Time’ being mostly acoustic with ambient sounds, is a beautiful example of Bruce’s talent. The tougher ‘Humans’ and “In the Falling Dark” further show the depth of what we have here. His political songs are okay. He really shines on his social commentary. I would also say he is pretty darned good at songwriting. At acoustic guitar playing I am inducting Bruce Cockburn into the Arts and Entertainment Playground Acoustic Guitar Player’s Hall of Fame.

Living in Toronto for 20 + years gravitated Bruce to move to Montreal. It may have helped to reinvent himself lately. It is no surprise that doing anything all your life needs a shakeup. In spite of dry spells and needing a break at times, none of this makes any difference in my decision. Bruce is my first choice for The Acoustic Guitar  Hall of Fame. Thank you for the stellar sounds.