Danny O’Keefe -Acoustic Guitar Hall Of Fame Dark Horse

August 8, 2013

0dok4   Being a long time fan and having seen him live I appreciate him enough to say he is deserving of The Acoustic Guitar Hall Of Fame. Writing “Good Time Charlie Got the Blues” is  a big thing. Danny goes much deeper than that. ‘O’Keefe’ is “Good Time Charlie” all over again. This is 4 and 1/2 + stars and one of Danny’s best. “The Road” was covered by Jackson Browne  on “Running on Empty’ and done quite well.

“Good Time Charlie Got the Blues” was covered by Willie Nelson, Leon Russell and Elvis Presley. Danny stayed mostly acoustic and stayed stellar and very consistent in spite of not being a big seller or a media darling. Danny is a musician all the way and a performer I respect with the highest regard. The term really should of been bigger really applies here.

Starving artist and under lauded are terms I can understand far too well. We did the best we could with what we had . Sometimes that is nowhere near enough. It is such a shame. I am doing my best to rectify this. You have inspired me on multiple levels musically. I say this with the utmost appreciation. I welcome you as the second inductee into The Acoustic Guitar Hall Of Fame.

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