Alex de Grassi: Acoustic Guitar Hall of Fame

October 3, 2013

Unknown-1¬† One of the most beautiful acoustic solo releases of all time is ‘Turning: Turning Back.’ Out of print and hard to hear I had this on cassette on a Sony Walkman. At 100 dollars on Cd your only option digitally I am hearing this on LP digital these days. ‘Southern Exposure’,’ Clockwork’ and ‘Slow Circle’ are all hard to hear and all wonderful. Cousin to William Ackerman I will say he trumped the master. I am inducting Alex de Grassi into the Acoustic Guitar Players Hall of Fame.

Such a stellar first try in Turning shows how spectacular he really is. A shining example of raw talent in the trenches is shown all across the board. The world in general that has never heard this is missing out big time. Hearing is believing would be the operative. Retrospective or whatever you can hear is fine with me. Personally all of it is what I have in my collection. I admit to being hooked on music. Alex de Grassi played a huge part.

Played on Polk speakers this is suck you in spectacular. Doing his version of James Taylor and Simon and  Garfunkel increase further on the the depth of the sound. Killing me softly solo acoustically is a fitting way to describe the entire scope of this musical experience. Thanks for the stellar sounds. So beautiful it hurts Alex, but oh so very good. Late night listening is alive and well here.

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